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Award-Winning True Crime - Author RJ Parker

Bestselling Action/Pulp Fiction - Author Bernard Lee DeLeo




Serial Killers Encyclopedia of 100 Serial Killers  (FREE)

Serial Killers True Crime Anthology Volume 1 2014 (FREE)

Serial Killers True Crime Anthology Volume 2 2015 (FREE)

Serial Killers Case Files  (FREE)

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: The Ken and Barbie Serial Killers  (FREE)





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Bestselling pulp fiction author BERNARD LEE DELEO has a written over two-dozen books crossing multiple genres, including; Men's Adventure, Espionage thrillers, Military, CIA / FBI, and YA / Paranormal. Many of his books are standalones but there's also four book series:

Hard Case - The John Harding Series (6 books)

Cold Blooded - The Nick McCarty Assassin Series (5 books)

Rick Cantelli - Rick and Lois Private Detective Series (4 books)

Demon The Dog - Mike Rawlins and Demon Series (YA / Paranormal) (4 books)


To view all of Bernard's books, check out his PAGE on this website, or AUTHOR'S PAGE

Bernard Lee DeLeo

Jennifer (JJ) Slate

Jennifer J Slate

Jennifer is a bestselling true crime author of Missing Wives, Missing Lives, Social Media Monsters, Till Death Do Us Part and most recent, Backseat Tragedies: Hot Car Deaths.

Publisher's page and Amazon Author Page




JT Hunter

JT Hunter

JT launched his debut book, The Vampire Next Door: The True Story of The Vampire Rapist, in October, 2014 and it went to number 1 in multiple categories on Amazon. JT released his second true crime book, The Country Boy Killer on Sept 25/15.

Publisher's Page and Amazon Author Page





CL (Chris) Swinney

Chris Swinney

Chris is both a fiction and non-fiction writer. His trilogy, The Bill Dix Detective series is available in all editions on Amazon. He recently wrote is first true crime book, Robert Pickton: The Pig Farmer Killer in March 2015 and The Killer Handyman in September 2015 for Crimes Canada.

In October 2015, RJPP will publish Chris's new book; Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer of the UK.

Publisher's Page and Amazon Author Page







RJ Parker

RJ Parker

RJ is a true crime author of 18 books. He is Certified in Serial Crimes and Criminal Profiling. RJ is CEO of RJ Parker Publishing, Inc., co-owned with his two daughters.

Parker and Vronsky recently teamed up to share Canadian true crime cases, a 24 book series titled Crimes Canada: True Crimes That Shocked The Nation

Publisher's Page and Amazon Author Page

Peter Vronsky

Peter Vronsky

Peter holds a Ph.d from the University of Toronto in the history of espionage and criminal justice. His book, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters, is one of the most popular serial killer books worldwide. He recently wrote, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: The Ken and Barbie Killers.

Publisher's Page and Amazon Author Page





Serial Killers True Crime Anthology

2014 - Volume 1 Contributors

Sylvia Perrini

Dane Ladwig

Michael Newton

RJ Parker

Peter Vronsky

Click HERE to view book

2015 - Volume 2 Contributors

Kelly Banaski

Katherine Ramsland

Sylvia Perrini

Michael Newton

RJ Parker

Peter Vronsky

Click HERE to view book



Kelly Banaskiis a writer, mother of nine and an inmate liaison, living in rural Tennessee. Her blog, The Woman Condemned, details her insight to the lives of the women on death row through her letters, phone calls and visits over the past decade.

Kelly released her debut book, Shirley Turner: Doctor, Stalker, Murderer in June 2015.

Blog: www.TheWomanCondemned.com

Website: www.KellyBanaski.com


Cara Lee Carter is an award-winning journalist and experienced communications professional with nearly a decade of experience in marketing, communications and social media management.

Cara Lee released her debut book, Canadian Pyscho: Luka Magnotta in July 2015.





Katherine McCarthy

Details coming soon

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