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Evil Guardian by Scott Bonn



The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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1. What is a killer's signature?

2. Which serial killer's signature was tying nylon stockings in a bow around his victims neck?

3. This serial killer kept his bodies under his bed to play with prior to burying them.

4. This SK kept his bodies for days; shampooed the victim's hair and even applying makeup; decapitated, inserted objects into the vaginas of some of his victims.

5. What Serial Killer and rapist videotaped his rapes and would script what they said?

6. What Serial Killer took the eye balls of his victims?

7. What did 'The Glamour girl slayer' do to all his victims?

8. What serial killer would hack up his victims and sell their flesh as beef or pork on the black market?

9. What did Otis O'Toole's grandmother refer to him as?

10. Andrew Cunanan was what type of killer? A Mass B spree C serial.

11. Buffalo Bill in the movie "Silence of the Lambs was a composite of what three killers?

12. The crime scene involving Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman was interpreted by Douglas during the Civil Case as... Organized, disorganized, or mixed? Why?

13. The Homicidal Triangle consists of three behavioral traits. Which one does not belong. Fire setting, Bullying, Enuresis, or Animal cruelty?

14. What was WSK Martha Marek’s choice of poison?

15. What WSK was known as the "the beautiful blonde killer"

16. Which serial killer murdered another serial killer?

17. What future serial killer was hosted by an American Vice-President in his office?

18. What serial killer hosted in his home town a Presidential First Lady?

19. What female serial killer was hugged and kissed by a California Governor and then danced with him?

20. What serial killer was a contestant on TV's The Dating Game?