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The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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RJ PARKER - Author and Publisher

RJ PARKER PHD, is ranked in the Top 100 authors on Amazon in Biography and History.

RJ is a Canadian Author who has written 20 true crime books and co-authored another 10 books, and published over 150 books for other authors which are available in eBook, Paperback and most in Audiobook editions and have sold in over 100 countries. He holds Certifications in Serial Crime and Criminal Profiling.

"Parker amazes his readers with top notch writing and idealist research. The Canadian writer has a better grasp of criminology and the psyche of a serial killer's mind than most people who spend a lifetime in a professional field chasing criminals and diabolic fiends". -- John Douglas (Retired FBI Agent - Behavioral Science)


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RJ Parker, P.Mgr.,CIM, is an award-winning and bestselling true crime author and serial killer expert most well known for his books: TOP CASES of The FBI, Serial Killer Case Files and Cold Blooded Killers.
Coming in 2014 by RJ Parker:
- Beyond Sticks and Stones (Released March 14)
- Parents Who Killed Their Children (April 30)
- Serial Killers Abridged (May 31)
- Missing Wives, Missing Lives by JJ Slate (June)
- Internet Killers (August)
- Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2015, Volume 2 (December)
RJ Parker was born and raised in Newfoundland and now resides in Ontario and Newfoundland, Canada. Parker started writing after becoming disabled with Anklyosing Spondylitis. He spent twenty-five years in various facets of Government and has two professional designations.
To date, RJ has donated over 1,875 autographed books to allied troops serving overseas and to our wounded warriors recovering in Naval and Army hospitals all over the world. He also donates a percentage of royalties to Victims of Violent Crimes. If you are a police officer, firefighter, paramedic or serve in the military, active or retired, RJ gives his eBooks freely in appreciation for your serviceyosing Spondylitis. He spent twenty-five years in various facets of Government and has two professional designations. In his spare time RJ enjoys playing the guitar, mandolin, piano, drums, steel guitar and sax. Many years ago he filled in several times with the rock bank April Wine, although Country music i



    Some of the most recent books by RJ Parker include: * Marc Lépine: The Montreal Massacre * Serial Killer Groupies * Serial Killers True Crime Anthology Volume 1 and 2 * Serial Killers Abridged Encyclopedia * Parents Who Killed Their Children : Filicide * Cold Blooded Killers * Serial Killers Case Files * Social Media Monsters : Internet Killers * Backseat Tragedies : Hot Car Deaths * Top Cases of The FBI * Murder By The Books Older books include: * Unsolved Serial Killings * Women Who Kill * Rampage Spree Killers * Case Closed: Serial Killers Captured * Doctors Who Killed Their Patients * School Shootings