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Evil Guardian by Scott Bonn



The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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Dr. Mark Bourrie

Dr. Mark Bourrie, PhD (History) has been a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery since 1994. He previously taught media history and journalism at Concordia University. Mark is the author of twelve books. The most recent, Kill the Messenger: Stephen Harper's Assault on Your Right to Know,was placed on the Globe and Mail list of top 100 books of 2015. The Fog of War: Censorship of Canada's Media in The Second World War reached No. 6 on Maclean's magazine's bestseller list in 2011,and Fighting Words:Canada's Best War Reporting, was published last fall.

Bourrie has won several major media awards,including a National Magazine Award, and has been nominated for several others. His journalism has appeared in the Globe and Mail,the Toronto Star, the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, and most of the country's major newspapers and several magazines including Toronto Life and Ottawa magazine. He is also a consultant on propaganda and censorship at the Canadian Forces Public Affairs School.

Includes graphic photos


Peter Woodcock was Canada's youngest serial killer when at the age of seventeen he brutally raped and murdered two boys and a girl between the ages of four and nine. He was never put on trial by "reason of insanity" and instead was confined for 34 years in a criminal psychiatric facility and offered treatment. On July 13, 1991 he finally had earned his first day pass ever and allowed to briefly go off the facility grounds into town to visit a DQ for an ice cream. What Woodcock did within the first hour of his first day pass stunned many people and made national headlines.