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Evil Guardian by Scott Bonn



The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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Author Harriet Fox - Biography

Harriet Fox is a Correctional Officer who lives amongst the darkest and most evil of society in a county jail in California. She is a Jail Training Officer, Emergency Response Team member and Honor Guard member. Having an inquisitive mind, Harriet is intrigued by the criminal mind, gangs and mental illness within the walls of the correctional system.

Prior to becoming a Correctional Officer, Harriet had the opportunity to delve into a law enforcement field experiencing positions including: Reserve Police Officer, 9-1-1 Communications Dispatcher, Crime Prevention Officer, and Police Cadet. Reaching twenty years into her law enforcement career, Harriet is still passionate about the work.

Harriet has used her corrections experience to become a columnist for and has several short stories published in Amazon’s bestselling Justice Shall Be Served: An Anthology. Harriet has been a writer since childhood and is interested in writing more true crime, non-fiction, and possibly dabbling in fiction.

Harriet has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a minor in Sociology and plans to get a Master’s Degree in the criminology field. Harriet is passionate and loves life and is looking forward to retirement which will allow more time for family, writing, reading, traveling and volunteering in her community.

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Police One

A serial killer whose appetite for alcohol and forced sex led to many deaths.

Unlike any others in the known history of serial killers, Gilbert Paul Jordan used alcohol to murder his victims. Preying on women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Jordan's insatiable taste for drunken sex led to his cold blooded killings. Nothing stopped Jordan as he eluded the criminal justice system having never been charged with murder even though he was responsible numerous times over.

The driving force behind Jordan's evil was his egocentric desires that led him on a fifty year criminal record path causing havoc along the way. Delving into Jordan's crimes, alcoholism and mental illnesses, his life tells a story all his own, and it is no wonder why, Gilbert Paul Jordan became one of Canada's most notorious serial killers.