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Evil Guardian by Scott Bonn



The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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Clutches of Madness:

The Real Face of Serial Killers

Deividas Serevicius is a true crime writer, human behavior and forensic psychology researcher, who tries to show the reality of the criminal world and its effect on people's everyday lives.

Serevicius offers insights into various types of crimes, discovering what's happening inside the heads of criminals, why they do what they do and even how they do it.

"Unmasking The Serial Killer", is his first book which he self-published in November, 2015, wherein he explores what's hiding behind the serial killer's mask of sanity. The second edition has been extensively modified and will be re-published with RJ Parker Publishing who specializes in the genre of True Crime.

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Visit his crime blog to learn more about the world of criminals.


Includes 45 Photos. Some are graphic.

Invisible until they don't want to be, some are charming and most all manipulative.

This book is an introduction to serial killers, including their traits, attributes, why they kill, how they get caught, profiling, and characteristics. With 45 photos, this is a chilling and engrossing account of several notorious killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, the BTK killer, Gary Ridgway, Jack the Ripper, and many more.

"Originally published as "Unmasking the Serial Killer" this book has been revised, edited and published under RJ Parker Publishing"

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