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Evil Guardian by Scott Bonn



The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Volume 2


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The best of true crime writing on serial killers over the year is brought together in this second volume of the annual Serial Killers True Crime Anthology. In this year's collection, bestselling true crime master author Katherine Ramsland and newcomer Kelly Banaski join the veteran writers Michael Newton, R.J. Parker, Sylvia Perrini, and Peter Vronsky.

   Peter Vronsky, in the chilling story "Zebra! The Hunting Humans 'Ninja' Truck Driver Serial Killer," describes the carnage perpetrated in 2007 by Adam Leroy Lane, a long haul truck driving serial killer. After watching a serial killer DVD movie in his truck cab, Lane forayed out in the night from Interstate highway truck-stops dressed in Ninja black to re-enact the movie scenes by attacking unsuspecting women in their homes until he was captured by a fifteen-year-old girl and her parents when he attempted to kill her as she slept in her bedroom.

   RJ Parker in "Demons" introduces us to the little known story of Canada's serial killer Michael Wayne McGray, who murdered men, women, and children indiscriminately and whom even prison could not stop from continuing his killing. In the "Grim Sleeper" Parker describes the brutal crimes of Lonnie Franklin, Jr. who over a twenty-three-year killing career, took a fourteen-year hiatus (thus his nickname) before resuming his murders of women in Los Angeles.

   Katherine Ramsland in "The Babysitter" brings us up to date on the still unsolved horrific 1976 mutilation child murders in Detroit that inspired Bill Connington's one-man Broadway play and Joyce Carol Oates' 1995 novella, Zombie. In "Really! The Other Guy Did It," Ramsland explores the bizarre case of serial killer Douglas Perry, who after killing several women underwent a transsexual change into a woman, Donna Perry, and when apprehended, claimed the murders were perpetrated by his former male self who no longer existed. Ramsland asks, "Is guilt in the body or the soul?"

   Michael Newton in "Bad Medicine" and "Angel of Death" describes two serial killers where we least expect them: health care. Physician Dr. Harold Shipman who murdered 250 victims in Britain and might be history's most prolific serial killer, and the smiling mild mannered Ohio medical orderly 'Angel of Death,' Donald Harvey, who confessed to murdering 87 helpless patients, stating, "So I played God."

   Sylvia Perrini, Britain's true crime chronicler of female serial killers in "The House of Horrors" revisits the notorious case of Rosemary West who teamed up with her husband Fred in the rape, torture, and murder of ten young women in their rooming house, including her own daughter. In "The Mum Who Killed for Kicks," Perrini looks at the recent case of Joanne Dennehy, a mother of a thirteen-year-old who inexplicably went on a thrill kill serial killing spree in which she tortured and murdered three men with a knife and attempted to kill two others.

   Kelly Banaski, a newcomer to true crime writing, whose story was chosen from the hundreds submitted to this year's anthology contest, brings us "Stripped of His Medals and Female Panties," the strange case of a Canadian air force base commander, a colonel that piloted senior government officials and even the Queen of England, who suddenly began to commit a series panty fetish burglaries that eventually escalated to horrific rape-torture murders of women.